Is it possible to set up multiple purchase transactions on each page, without the necessity of visiting the cart site on each one? We will be selling quite a number of small items, and we'd like our customers to be able to select a variety of them without constantly having to press the 'Continue Shopping' button on your server.

Yes, we support that. The html coding is slightly different, but not difficult at all. Since we will have more than one "item" inside a single form, calling them all "item" would result in data overruns. So instead, call each separate item "item_something", with the something being a unique string. All options work with this method also, with similar name changes. See the Bread Store Example for more information and a detailed explanation on how to do it.

My multi-item submision doesn't put all my selected products into the cart. Why?

The most common reasons are:

1) Closing the form with </form> prematurely, thus excluding items on the other side of the tag.

2) Not using proper multi-item naming conventions such as:

Erroneously putting op2_abc INSIDE the item_abc variable:

<!-- bad code -->
<input type=hidden name=item_abc value="[cart-id]^abc^descrip^2.00^op2_abc">
<input type=text name=op2_abc>Enter Quantity

The above LOOKS right, but it is not. Since op2 for that item is named op2_abc, but since all multi-items are parsed down to a bunch of single items, you use the simple name op2 internally in the item variable.

Instead, use:

<!-- good code -->
<input type=hidden name=item_abc value="[cart-id]^abc^descrip^2.00^op2">
<input type=text name=op2_abc>Enter Quantity

How can I get one op variable to set the quantity for every "item" in the multi-item form?

Use the "special" op variable op99. op99 is sort of a global op variable, and will apply as quantity for every item variable which names it in its quantity field.

<input type=hidden name=item_abc value="[cart-id]^abc^descrip^2.00^op99">
<input type=hidden name=item_xyz value="[cart-id]^xyz^descrip^2.00^op99">
<input type=text name=op99>Enter Quantity

The above would add BOTH items to the cart in the quantity the shopper enters.

I need to choose a color ONE time for all items in the form. Is there an op variable that will apply to the description for all items in a single form?

Use the "special" op variable op98, which will have its value added to the description of all item variables in the form. It can save you a lot of bother in certain situations.

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