I must charge sales tax in my "home" state of Utah. How do I tell the cart to do that?

In the "Sales Tax" section of the cart configuration , Selct Utah from the drop down box.

Some of my items are subject to sales tax and some are not. How do I tell the shopping cart what products to leave out of the sales tax calculations?

In the product "item" variable, add the prefix =TF= to your partnumber field. Old number: xyz-1 New number: =TF=xyz-1

I must charge several different sales tax rates based on what county, etc. people live in my "home" state. How do I allow a variable rate?

When a customer shops with you, we will automatically determine the correct tax amount based on their shipping postal code. Tax amounts are calculated from state, city, county, and any special district rates.

Select multiple countries or states by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking or to select a sequential block click the first, hold down the Shift key and click the last.

I need to charge sales tax on my total order, including shipping charges. How do I do that?

You can charge sales tax on your total order, including shipping charges by selecting this option in the "Sales Tax" section of the cart configuration.

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