Must I have a merchant credit card account to accept credit cards over the internet through virtualCART®?

Yes. We are not a charge processing service. virtualCART® supports facilitation of sales via credit card. You do need a merchant account to run the charges through. If you already have a merchant account and a method you are currently using to run charges, you are welcome to continue to use that account/method with virtualCART®. There is no need to switch merchant accounts or to use any sort of "realtime" processing if you have no desire to do so. If you need a credit card merchant account, and are a US client, or have US accounts, First Data Independent Sales can get you set up quickly, and at a reasonable cost. Like virtualCART®, a low fee does not mean you get less, it just means you pay less. You can take payment online via PayPal, checks by mail, fax, and phone orders, without a merchant account, of course.

Do you offer automated charge processing at virtualCART®?

Yes. We support all major payment gateways, including: Linkpoint API/First Data Global Gateway,, and PayPal PayFloPro.

You should realize before you set up for automated processing that raw orders direct from the Internet may contain errors or may be fraudulent.

We recommend our standard non-realtime set-up, where you can review each order, then process it on your own equipment as if it were a phone order. We automatically check vital fields for correctly FORMED information, but no such system is foolproof. When you receive an order through us, you should review it for legitimacy, check to make sure all needed information has been included by the customer, enter it into your records, and only then key charges into your merchant POS terminal (or equiv). Charge difficulties are avoided, and you maintain total control over your merchant account. The customer doesn't know the difference, and it's a lot safer for you.

Will you support additional credit card payment gateways?

Yes, we are continually adding additional credit card payment gateways as our customers needs change.

Do these gateways provide payment processing or do they simply authorize a transaction for processing by the vendor? My business is small and I do not have a Visa/MC merchant account due to the high % the credit companies take out of their small dollar amount orders.

They just process. You must still have a merchant account.

If Authorize net doesn't offer this, do you have any recomendations for a payment processing service?

Most people think they must get internet processing on-line, but that's mainly needed for high volume businesses. With all such things, you still must have a merchant account. Once you get that, you may simply use the terminal you get with your account to process orders at your location. It is the most cost effective way to go since internet transaction processing bumps up the %fee by one or two points.

I need to get the card security code (CVV) with the orders. How can I set virtualCART® to do that?

Look for this option in the account configuration:

"Acquire the card security code from card rear signature strip (in front on Amex)."

You say you offer "secure server" for credit card security. What does that mean and how does it work?

The goal of virtualCART® security is to achieve one thing: Deliver credit card information from the customer to the merchant with the minimum possibility of exposure to prying eyes. Our primary tool for this is the utilization of secure data encryption. We encrypt the information between the customer and the cart, and then you retrieve credit card information the same way. Although orders are emailed to you in the clear, we strip off the credit card number, which you then retrieve through your secure browser, thus completing the secure path.


Do I need a separate secure server or certificate?

No. These are included with your virtualCART® service. This represents a large cost savings for you, which covers the cost of virtualCART®. VeriSign certificates are currently $349 per year.

Do you use Verisign and can I display the VeriSign security symbol graphic on my website?

Yes. We hold a Verisign Secure Server Authenticity Certificate. You may show a VeriSign graphic on your site, but it is important that you use appropriate descriptive phrasing where you show the symbol. An example is: "Shopping cart secured by : [VeriSign Graphic]"

When I enter a test number for the credit card number on the demo page, the cart gives me an error. Can I test it without using a real number?

You have run into one of our tools that keep you from submitting erroneous charges. We run a mathematical checksum calculation on each card number to insure that it is a valid number. To run tests, use 14 zeros. They are mathematically valid charge numbers, and we do not specifically screen them out.

If the shopper does not "sign" an on-line receipt, or fax their signature, is this a problem?

Potentially , it could be, as would be the case with accepting phone orders. A bigger concern is crooks attempting to order with other people's card numbers. We advise that if you get a big order, or ESPECIALLY an overseas order, that you email the person and request the bank Name and phone number (on back of the card) to call for billing address verification. If they are bogus, you never hear back from them, and you just saved some money.

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