Can we have our logo on the shopping cart display?

Yes. There are several layout and appearance options in the cart configuration form. Using these, you can achieve any look you want.

My site uses a search engine to search a database and return products for sale. Will virtualCART® work with this?

virtualCART® is particularly suited to this application. Just modify the engine to return the cart tags in addition to the product information. Several of our clients are having great success with this.

I want to use a regular "text" submit button instead of a graphic for my "add to cart" function. Can I?

Yes, it can be done. There are some page caching issues to avoid the second time the shopper clicks a text form submit button. Avoid that by adding javascript which generates a random value to trick the shopper browser into always sending the page to the cartserver.

So, instead of the usual graphical submit tag:

<input type=image name=add src="addtocart.gif">


<SCRIPT language="javascript"> var n = Math.random() + ""; document.write('<input type=hidden name=n value=' + n + '>'); </SCRIPT> <input type=submit value="Add to Cart">

I'd like to use a plain text link or a simple graphic link as an "add to cart" button. Can I?

Yes. Simple text links can be used to add a product that has no options to the shopping cart.

<SCRIPT language="javascript"> document.write('<a href="http://[cart-id][cart-id]^123^prod+desc^5.11^1&add.x='+Math.random()+'">add'); </SCRIPT>

<NOSCRIPT><a href="http://[cart-id][cart-id]^123^prod+desc^5.11^1">add</a></NOSCRIPT>

Note 1: We use the random function to avoid browser cache issues. It still takes up the same layout space; just a simple "add" link which can even be part of a sentence.

Note 2: Use the + char for spaces. If you use any of the special part number tags like =SF=, you must replace the = with %3D. So =SF= would be %3DSF%3D

I want to have my "view cart" and "checkout now" functions built-in to an image map or as simple text links. Is this possible?

Yes. We support both of those functions via image map, graphical button, or simple text link. Set up your image map in the usual way, and have the particular section link as follows:

For View:
<area shape=rect coords="541,4,589,58" HREF="href="http://[cart-id]">

For Checkout:
<area shape=rect coords="540,58,606,123" HREF="http://virtualCART®">

For simple text links:
<a href="http://[cart-id]">
<a href="http://[cart-id]">

Be sure to put in your own [cart-id] and coordinates(image map).

end faq

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