How does virtualCART® work?

You have your website anywhere on the Internet containing your products. You add our html tags to your pages. When customers click "add to cart", the product information is tracked on our server. When they click "check out", the order is checked for correct field entry, and sent to you via email. You then process the order as if it were a conventional phone order.

How do I sign up?

Visit the setup guide. Step one has a link to our account configuration form. When you have filled out this form, you've effectively signed up, and your account is created.

What do the orders I receive through virtualCART® look like?

They are nicely formatted, summarized and itemized. They are suitable for filing, and also make great invoices to include in the box you send your customer.

Why are some or all digits of the credit card number missing from the emailed order?

They are stripped for security since email is non-secure. You retrieve those digits from the Orders section of you shopping cart control panel.

I have a merchant account and a credit card machine. Will I still use that to get paid for the orders I get through virtualCART®?

You may do that if you wish. By default, virtualCART® sends the order information to you for processing the charges as you are accustomed.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can have for sale at my website, or any extra charge if I have a large product line?

No. Since the cartserver only sees items a shopper actually adds to the cart, the number of items you are selling is not relevant. This is a significant advantage over our competitors who charge extra if you grow your product line.

I had a customer call me who said they placed an order, but I have not received the email yet. What's wrong with your mail server?

Nothing. We attempt to deliver orders as soon as they occur, but deliveries are sometimes deferred or rejected by your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) mail server. If they are simply deferred, we queue them for later attempts. If rejected, we cannot attempt automatic re-delivery. When this happens, we will make an effort to notify you, but your primary source of investigating these problems is your shopping cart control panel. There you can view a listing of all your orders and have copies remailed to you. If they still do not arrive, you can be pretty sure there is a problem with your email address. This should be investigated with your ISP and resolved asap. It is imperative you have a functional email address at all times. In the interim, you may wish to Reconfigure your virtualCART® account with a different email address and try again.

I really like the cart. Can I buy my own copy?

No. We are set-up as a service, and that model works well for both us and our customers. They bypass all the hassles of tinkering with CGI, plus get all the benefits of "no effort" upgrade. Since our server is faster than virtually all our customer's servers, you receive better performance.

Am I charged a "per transaction" fee?

No, not for virtualCART® orders. Success costs nothing extra at virtualCART®. You pay one low rate, and all virtualCART® features are included. (virtualCART® service does not include Credit card merchant accounts).

Do I have to register upfront, or contact anyone at virtualCART® to start using the cart?

No. You can configure a cart, add the html tags to your pages, and be up and running all without contacting anyone. This level of automation helps two ways; no waiting around for someone to "turn you on", and the self-serve method is so efficient that we can offer the virtualCART® for a very small fee, which includes the cost of the "secure" server.

Do I need my own credit card merchant account to accept credit cards over the internet?

Yes. You will always need this, with any system or service you set up on the web if you wish to accept credit cards. If you already have a merchant account and a method you are currently using to run charges, you are welcome to continue to use that account/method with virtualCART®. There is no need to switch merchant accounts or to use any sort of "realtime" processing if you have no desire to do so. If you need a credit card merchant account, and are a US client, or have US accounts, Cardservice International can get you set up quickly, and at a reasonable cost. Like virtualCART®, a low fee does not mean you get less, it just means you pay less.

What is the "no risk" policy at virtualCART®?

We offer 14-day free trial. When you create your account, you will receive an invoice via email. You will then have 14 days to evaluate virtualCART® and remit payment or decline service. If you decide virtualCART® isn't a good fit for you, simply cancel and pay nothing. No risk at all, except your time to try our system.

How long does it take to get a test page of my products working?

If you have moderate html experience, you can read the setup guide and complete the cart configuration in about 15 minutes. Don't agonize too much over the configuration since it is easy to change your settings.

My web server does not allow cgi programs or scripts, can I still use virtualCART®?

Yes. All programs are executed on our server. All you need are standard html pages.

What if I get stuck trying to get things working?

Don't get frustrated, get help! We offer a reasonable amount of free application assistance through live chat and email support. We want you to be successful.

What is to stop someone from from saving one of my pages to disk, changing a price, and putting an item in the cart with a lower price?

We have a system in place that checks to see what URL products come into your carts from. If they don't come from your site, a warning will be placed into your received order along with the URL of the origin so you can determine if there is a problem.

To be absolutely safe, always enter your orders into your computer by part number, and calculate your own prices. Treat this information as you would an email order or a paper order form. Shoppers make errors...sometimes on purpose.

virtualCART® reduces these errors, but cannot eliminate them. Heed this message when it appears in any order you receive:

Warning! A page was submitted from an unfamiliar URL: (the URL being referenced) or Probable local file submit or browser location bar manipulation. Double check prices. This may indicate shopper tampering. If this URL is under your control, you should add its domain name to the trusted list in your cart configurtaion.

If I want to copy your html files in the sample pages, how do I do that so that I can edit them later on my computer? And does that work for any site?

With the page loaded in your web browser, pull down as... then pick a folder on your computer to save the file in. Edit resulting file with any text editor. Images will likely break since they are "relative" references. To save the images also, put mouse over picture, click and hold with right button, and select "save as", then put in same folder (directory) as the html you saved. Yes, it works for any page.

Is it possible to download the selected text or html code from your site rather than a whole page?

You can cut and paste whatever you want. On a given page, if you want to save a paragraph or two, Just use your left mouse button (hold it down) to highlight the text you want, then hit c (hold down control...hit c). That will "copy" it. Then you can open up an Editor (Notepad?), and hit v to paste it into your edit window. (This ia solely for use with virtualCART® as a client of our services. All other use is strictly forbidden). For saving examples, you can do a "view document source" or similar to see the actual codes, and you can copy/paste as above. Almost all applications support copy/paste.

I don't have my website yet. Can I get started without one?

Yes. Just save a demo page to your local disk, and edit it to contain your specific information. To test it with Netscape, do a file, and select your html filename. You can do all your testing right on your own system. For the shopping cart to work, you must be connected on-line to your ISP.

I am going to change my website/domain name address soon. Is it possible to install your shopping cart and use it, then later change the website/domain name address (URL)? Or do I need a permanent URL?

You do not need a permanent URL, or in fact, any URL at all for testing purposes. The tie that binds your pages to your cart account is the cart-id embedded in your pages.

end faq

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