How does virtualCART® work?

You have your website anywhere on the net containing your products. You add our html tags to your pages. When customers click "add to cart", the product information is tracked on our server. When they click "check out", the order is checked for correct field entry, and notification is sent to you by email. Your order can be processed in real time using your preferred online payment gateway or you can process the orders manually as you would any telephone or mail order. virtualCART® is compatible with PayPal and Google Checkout as well.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Just click the Free Trial Button on our website, complete the brief sign up form and you are ready to go. You will have a 14- day free trial period to evaluate all the great features of virtualCART®.

Do I have to contact anyone at virtualCART® to start using the cart?

No. You can configure a cart, add the html tags to your pages, and be up and running all without contacting anyone. This level of automation helps two ways; no waiting around for someone to "turn you on", and the self-serve method is so efficient that we can offer the virtualCART® for a very small fee, which includes the cost of the "secure" server.

What is the "no risk" policy at virtualCART®?

We offer virtualCART® for14-days at "no risk". That is assumed to be the time it takes to get online with at least a partial store or catalog. You have up to 14 days to pay your bill, meaning that if you decide virtualCART® isn't a good fit for you, you can decline your subscription. Two weeks, nothing lost.

How long does it take to get a test page of my products working?

If you have basic html experience, you can read our "Setup Guide" and can have a test page up and running in just a few minutes. Don't agonize too much over the shopping cart configuration since it is so easy to change your settings from the "Dashboard" at any time.

Our web server does not allow cgi programs, can I still use virtualCART®?

Yes. All programs and scripts are executed on our server. All you need are standard html pages.

Must I have a merchant credit card account to accept credit cards over the internet through your service?

Yes. We are not a charge processing service. You'll need a merchant account, through which you'll process your own orders. You can take checks, telecheck, fax, and phone orders, without a merchant account, of course.

What if I get stuck trying to get things working?

Don't get frustrated, get help! We offer a reasonable amount of free application assistance through online chat and our support ticket system. We want you to be successful. Don't be shy.

I need a certain feature that I don't see in virtualCART®. What should I do?

You should always ask. Be specific about what you want. We can often send you methods to support exactly or closely what you need. Failing that, if we feel that a requested feature could benefit other users also, we will usually implement your request for no charge. If your need is more unique, we will quote labor for implementation.

What do the orders I receive through virtualCART® look like?

They are nicely formatted, summarized and itemized. They are suitable for filing, and also make great invoices to include in the box you send your customer.

I did some looking and poking and wondered this: If for instance I wanted to copy your html files in the sample pages, how do I do that so I can edit them later on my computer? And does that work for any site?

With the page loaded in your browser, pull down as... then pick a location to save the file. Edit the resulting file with any text editor. Images will likely break since they are "relative" references. To save the images also, put mouse over picture, click and hold with right button, and select "save as", then put it in same folder (directory) as the html file you saved. Yes, it works for any page.

I don't have my website yet. Can I get started without one?

Yes. Just save a demo page to your local disk, and edit it to contain your specific information. To test it with Netscape, do a file, and select your html filename. You can do all your testing right on your own system. For the shopping cart to work, you must be on-line to your ISP, though (obviously).

Hi, I'm going to get your shopping cart. I am going to change addresses in a week or so. Is it possible to install your shopping cart and use it, then in a week, can I change URLs or do I already need a permanent URL??

You don't need a permanent URL, or in fact, any URL at all for testing purposes. virtualCART® does not care where the submissions come from, allowing you to test from your local drive, run an account from more than one domain, etc. The tie that binds is the cart-id.

How do I change my password of my virtualCART® account?

You can change your password to your VirtualCart® by logging into your shopping cart control panel.

How do I retrieve information regarding my orders from virtualCART®?

Order can be viewed and exported from your shopping cart control panel Reports>View Orders and Reports>Export Orders.

Here you are able to view, delete or export your past orders as a Comma Separated Variables (CSV) text file. You can also have them re-emailed to you if you want to.

Can I add custom text to the Order Confirmation email that my customer receives?

Absolutely, all email templates used by virtualCART® are fully customizable from your shopping cart control panel. Customization>Email Templates.

Instead of using forms, how do I make 'view cart' and 'checkout now' text/image links?

In order to create a view cart and checkout now html link from your site, use this link in your html code:

For View Cart:

<a href="http://[cart-id]">View Cart</a>

For Checkout:

<a href="http://[cart-id]">Checkout</a>

For My Account:

<a href="http://[cart-id]">My Account</a>

Please replace [cart-id] with your own cart ID.

I really like the cart. Can I buy my own copy?

No. We are set-up as a service, and that model works well for both us and our customers. They bypass all the hassles of tinkering with complicated programming languages, plus get all the benefits of "no effort" upgrades. Since our server is faster than virtually all our customer's servers, you get better performance this way also.

end faq

Can't find the answers you are looking for in this section?  Please don't hesitate contacting our support staff by submitting a support ticket.