How do I configure my account to work with Pay Pal Express?

To request your API credentials, first log into your PayPal account and click the Profile tab.

Next, click the API Access link.

Once there, click Request API Credentials link.

Next, click API Signature, agree to the terms and submit.

Your account will now be set up for Express Checkout. Copy and paste the API Username, API Password and Signature into your virtualCART® configuration.

Note: By default, the customer's phone number is not included in the address information that PayPal Express sends to the virtualCART® checkout form. To change this behavior, log in to your PayPal account. From the Profile tab, click Website Payments Preferences. Choose from the three options for handling the contact telephone number at the bottom of the screen:

Give customers the option of sharing their phone number
Always collect the customer's phone number
Never collect the customer's phone number (enabled by default)

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