Is PayPal set up to work with virtualCART®?

Yes. virtualCART® has designed their interface to be easy for the shopper to use. It has also been redesigned to overcome the previous problem of not being able to purchase more than one type of product at a time.

Is it easy to get a PayPal account? Do I still need a merchant credit card account?

Yes, it is easy to get a PayPal account. To sign up for a new "Business Account", go to PayPal's website.

You don't need a merchant credit card account to use PayPal, but not being able to accept credit cards directly will probably hurt your sales. We recommend using BOTH PayPal and accepting credit cards directly to ensure convenience for all of your customers. If you don't currently have a merchant credit card account, you can sign up for one by clicking here.

Is it difficult to set up the PayPal interface in virtualCART®?

Not at all. Simply sign up for a new PayPal "Business Account" on the PayPal website. When configuring your virtualCART®, check the "By PayPal WebAccept" checkbox, then enter your PayPal login email address in the "Checkout/Payment Options" section of the cart configuration form.

What are some of the other functions featured with the virtualCART® to PayPal interface?

Prior to checkout, virtualCART® performs all of its usual functions. When the shopper goes to check out, they are presented with a checkout choice of "Order online via PayPal" if you have enabled the PayPal interface in your cart configuration.

The shopper completes the virtualCART® form with their shipping information and email address. Once that information is submitted error free, the shopper will be sent to PayPal to complete the payment process.

Since we must turn control of the shopper's browser over to PayPal, we have no guarantee that they will complete the payment. This means that whenever you get a PayPal order, you should ensure that the shopper has paid for the order. When you set up your virtualCART® configuration, you can set your PayPal preferences to send you a receipt. You should get the virtualCART® Order Detail email followed closely by the PayPal Payment Confirmation email. You can also check your PayPal account overview to see if the transaction has been completed.

Will the cart work with my PayPal "Personal Account"?

No. The PayPal Web Accept system is set up for merchants with a "Business Account" only, but shoppers may use their PayPal "Personal Account" to purchase items from your store.

What is the difference between a PayPal "Personal Account" and "Business Account"?

Personal accounts have no transaction fee.

There is a 1.9% transaction fee for business accounts, but you get 24-hour support and more features, such as:

  • $5 referral bonuses
  • Accepts direct payments on your website
  • Daily sweep of funds into primary bank account
  • Accepts unlimited credit card payments and mass payments

What do people like most about PayPal?

Shoppers like PayPal because it allows them to purchase online without having to give their credit card number to several individual merchants. PayPal "Personal Accounts" are free for shoppers.

Merchants like PayPal because the discount fees are less than regular merchant accounts, typically 1.9% vs. 2.3%. It is perfect for merchants who cannot or choose not to accept credit cards.

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