What is PayFlow Pro and what can it do for me?

virtualCART® in normal mode acts strictly as a shopping cart and order forwarding system, orders from which you then process on your existing merchant charge terminal. For many merchants, this is just what you want. A great system, and you review each order as it comes in, running a charge only after you've verified inventory, the legitimacy of the order, and so-forth. There also exists another case, when you get alot of orders, you know the products are available, and you want the convenience of charging the orders and getting approval on the cards before you even see them. That's where the PayFlow Pro payment processing gateway comes in. virtualCART® sends billing information directly to them for approval and charge processing. Only after receiving order approval do you even have to look at the orders!

Is there an extra charge for using PayFlow Pro?

We charge nothing extra, but you must have an account with PayPal PayFlow Pro. In most cases, your existing merchant account provider can set you up with PayFlow Pro, or you can purchase from them directly. Visit PayPal Payment Services for more information.

Let us stress that if you already have a merchant account and a method you prefer to run charges, you can continue to use that account/method with VirtualCart®. You do not need to switch merchant accounts or to use "realtime" processing via PayFlow Pro or any other internet charge processing gateway at all.

I want to use PayFlow Pro, can I set-up and test virtualCART® before I get an account with them?

Yes. If you don't yet have an account with them, you can add it at any time, and reconfigure virtualCART® to use it at that time. There's no need to wait for that to be set-up if you can process normal charges at your location. Just use our usual non-realtime forms, and key the charges as if you've received a phone order.

I've got my PayFlow Pro. How do I make it work with virtualCART®?

Setup at virtualCART®:

1) Goto the virtualCART® setup configuration form.

2) In the "Mode Select" section of the configuration form, select "RECONFIGURE EXISTING CART", enter your cart-id and password, and click "Reconfigure My Cart!" to call up your present account settings. (Note that this assumes you have filled out the form once and have an virtualCART® account already).

3) Scroll down to the "Checkout/Payment Options" section of the configuration form and check the checkbox for "By Credit Card Online. (PayPal PayFlow Pro)".

4) In the text boxes to the right of the checkbox in #3 above, enter your PayFlow Pro Login name and password. Be careful to make them match EXACTLY.

5) If you have any "non-realtime" checkout with credit card forms "checked" at virtualCART®, uncheck those. They are named "By Credit Card Online using your own transaction equipment".

6) Scroll to the bottom of the page and submit the form to commit the changes.

Setup at PayFlow Pro:

At this time, accounts at PayFlow Pro are set correctly by default. Place an order via the cart and be sure it comes through. You should get an invoice copy from PayFlow Pro and an emailed order from virtualCART®. The virtualCART® order should contain the authorization and AVS codes for the order. If you got ????? marks in the order, you have done something wrong above, or incorrectly entered your PayFlow Pro login or password in your virtualCART® configuration.

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