Shipping Examples

This page deals with supplemental shipping methods. We assume you have a "base" method, usually the most economical, that you have set up in your virtualCART configuration. That's fine, but sometimes the customer wants something in a hurry, and so we have supplemental methods.

That best way to do this to avoid clutter in the cart is to let the customer select how they want something shipped. That's where a page like this on your site is invaluable. You just put up a button followed by a brief description of the shipping method, and tell the customer to select their preferred delivery method.

s e l e c t   d e l i v e r y   o p t i o n :

UPS ground (default shipping method)

Even though this option is our default, we offer it as a choice anyway to avoid confusing people. We have this set up to charge shipping at our "base" rate multiplied by 1 (do nothing). The item code for this is:

<input type="hidden" name="item" value="b-2400^=shipping=^UPS Ground^base*1">

Notice that we use a "special" part number of =shipping= to tell the cart that this is no ordinary catalog item, but a shipping option. The next field is UPS Ground that is the option label which is used when displaying the cart contents, and is also sent to you as part of the order to let you know how to ship it. The final field tells the cart how to change the shipping cost. This example uses the "multiplier" method. The format MUST be the word "base" followed by "*" followed by the number to multiply the base rate by.

UPS 2nd day air (we add $10.00 to the UPS ground rate)

This shipping option uses the same general format as the above example. The only significant difference is the fee calculation. Our item variable is set to:

value="b-2400^=shipping=^UPS 2nd day air^base+10.00"

This option uses the "addition" method. 10.00 is added to whatever the base shipping rate is calculated to be. Your use for this paragraph on your shipping page would be to detail the two day service and any caveats you may place on it.

FedEx Overnight - $14.50 (most orders)

This shipping option outlines the flat fee option. Using:

value="b-2400^=shipping=^FedEx Overnight^flat14.50"

will result in the cart displaying a flat $14.50 cost for a FedEx Package. Again, be sure to explain to services here that some items may result in additional charges, and that you'll email them with information about any additional fees. We can't realistically take everything into account (but we try!). Notice also the word "flat" followed by the fee. Use the EXACT syntax, or unexpected output may occur.

Airborne Express - 30% surcharge over our UPS ground rates

This shipping option uses the "multiplier" option again to show how to charge a percentage based surcharge over your default shipping rate. Using:

value="b-2400^=shipping=^Airborne Express^base*1.3"

will result in the cart displaying the default rate plus 30%. Of course all the rate plans and numbers are just examples. Hopefully, you can use these shipping variables to build a good, flexible suite of cart tracked shipping options for your services. If you don't see exactly what you need, you can email us to request a new method. In most cases, it will be free (for paying services), especially if we feel it will benefit our other merchants and enhance the value of the cart.

Here are a couple more buttons you might want to use, but be sure to make them "input type=image" rather than just plain "img" if you want to use them as shipping options. We created all these buttons. If you need something different, or need a great logo, drop us a line. We have some very satisfied customers.

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